What/Who/Where/How is Bunny Metal?

What is Bunny Metal?

The name Bunny Metal was first conceived of in 2007-ish by twin brothers who were in High-School at the time.


It came from a phrase that neither of them can remember which of them said, what it pertained to, and is too embarrassingly stupid to ever be repeated. Needless to say, Bunny Metal was the only thing to survive. Neither quite remember how long it took for bümé (pronounced boo-may) to become the short version of the name.


They finally acquired the website (which had been unavailable for years) in April of 2013 and threw up a landing page that would remain relatively unchanged for over two years.


The twins always wanted to create and Bunny Metal is meant to be the outlet for that creativity.

Who is Bunny Metal?

Bunny Metal has two regular members, twins Ian and Dylan Vaughn. They were born in Stockton, California, but in 2010 they moved to Los Angeles to attend Screenwriting School and make in big in "The Industry."


After graduating they found that they would much rather make a company and not be constrained to doing one thing for the rest of their lives. For the next couple years they coasted through life on confusion and debt. Then came Paradise, but that's another story.


Ian and Dylan consider themselves to be Jacks of many trades, because learning a bit of everything would take too much time, and their time-management skills leave much to be desired in the first place.


Ian and Dylan decided on monikers for the purpose of Bunny Metal because who doesn't like a good moniker? They chose Blue and Red respectively. The colors go back to when they were babies and had corresponding red and blue sweaters. There's a picture somewhere. It's adorable.

Where is Bunny Metal?

We are based in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles California, and we swear you'll be the first to know when we actually have legitimate offices.


We'll probably be getting a P.O. Box soon. That address will end up here.

How is Bunny Metal?

We're fine. Thanks for asking.


It means a lot to us that you care.


How are you?

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